Club & Members Layouts

We currently have layouts at the Club in, N gauge Dc/Dcc, 0 gauge Dc/Dcc, and 00 gauge Dc/Dcc. There is also a G scale layout!

Some layouts are ‘fixed’ and others portable, for exhibitions.

All layouts eventually will have their own page, please use the ‘Layouts’ link in the menu, but please note, that these ‘layout’ pages are still being added to/updated.

Chippenham Junction – N Gauge (Exhibition Layout) 

An N gauge layout, scenic boards total 20ft x 3ft plus loops at each end, to allow for continuous running. Based in the 40s/50s all the buildings are scratch built and are scale replicas of the buildings that were still there during this period. The layout is DCC operated with the possibility of three trains running at the same time.

Part of the Chippenham Layout

Cutlers Junction – OO Gauge (Clubroom)

The original Cutlers Junction has been re-modeled to become an extended scenic ‘test track’ for members to give their locos an extended run with long trains. Basically a single line looped over itself four times, gives a total run from start to finish of over 140ft. All track operation takes place along the front of the layout (wiring/switches contained within PVC trunking) and can be operated in either DC or DCC. With the removal of the Quarry, the Branch extension line will now instead go to a four track storage/fiddle yard.

The Quarry – OO (Now in storage) Alwyn Annels

Currently linked to Cutler’s Junction is “The Quarry” a 10.1/2ft by 5.1/2ft extension (a layout in its own right) which has been kindly donated by one of our members and has recently undergone a complete re-wire. It can be operated in either DC or DCC.

Church Green East – OO Gauge (Exhibition Layout)

Another 00 gauge layout is ‘Church Green East’. A portable 7ft terminus layout with yard, kindly donated by the family of one of our former members. This layout is now undergoing some TLC needed to allow it to be exhibited when required.

Blackheath – O Gauge (Clubroom) 

The 0 gauge layout is a based on a fictitious preserved branch line, this runs down the full length and up one side of the clubroom. A small terminus is situated at both ends, with run round loops. The relaying of track is ongoing at one end, to allow for a better goods yard and more scenery. As a ‘preserved’ line it allows members to run any period of locomotive and stock.

The Cherry Tree Line – G (Club Grounds) Tony Simon

For those who like the larger scale there is also a G scale line which when completed will give a running length of over 130ft.

Double track now laid and tested to far end and wiring complete. Fence posts being strengthen to support extra load.  New switch panels installed and connected. Additional battery powered rolling stock now available for more flexible running.

Far end extension now in hand. This will provide a three lane fiddle yard to hold running stock. 

Bodmin Junction – N Gauge (Exhibition Layout) Mike Dain

Another N gauge layout (a small portable twin loop layout) ‘Bodmin’ is also under construction by members at the Club.

The layout which was originally a ‘Spring Project Layout’ and was being planned to  have the opportunity to design the roundy roundy with a branch line and six storage loops behind the backscene so that seven trains could appear on the scenic section at the front in a structured sequence, which has now evolved into Bodmin Road
An Operating Schedule for Bodmin Road has been designed, with 31 movements which takes about 15 minutes to run. This Schedule has been planned so that 22 different train combinations are seen by the viewer of the layout during the span of the Schedule.


G Scale (Exhibition Layout) Tony Simon

Extended portable unit (approx 12ft x 10ft) now completed and available for exhibition use (in ‘L’ shape). The front track can run on automatic control leaving back tracks for manual operation. The unit can be split into four sections to fit into a reasonable size car. (track plan below).


The ‘Childrens’ Layout – OO Gauge (Exhibition Layout) 

The original ‘Childrens Layout’ has now been de-commissioned and a replacement is now under construction. This is a simple, double track, scenic, oval layout, on a 6ft x 4ft board. When taken to shows, with two controllers children (and parents) are able to have a go at operating the layout.

Markwood & Hazel Crossing – N Gauge (Exhibition Layout) 

Another layout donated by a family is the highly detailed Markwood & Hazel Crossing. A single track branch to fiddle yard, it can be configured in either a ‘U’ or ‘L’ combination (it is approx 30ft in total length). After being in storage for many years, other than the degrading of the foam track underlay, the rest of the layout has remained in pretty good condition. It was originally operated with a number of analogue controllers, as part of the ‘restoration’ works, it will be modified to be operated by DCC.

Reliance Works – O Gauge (Exhibition Layout) Martin Morris

At only 36in x 17in this layout was an experiment in the possibility of adapting a ‘Scalescenes’ box file layout for 00 resized for 0 gauge. Orignally planned as a ‘diorama’, this would have fitted on a board of 27in x 17in, but by extending it 9in to 36in, plus the use of a spare Peco 0 gauge Y point, once completed it could be operated as an ‘Inglenook’ shunting puzzle. An additional board will be added and have a three road traverse to aid operations. 

West Works – OO Gauge (Exhibition Layout) Martin Morris

Unfortunately the layout suffered water damage over the winter period and so is currently ‘on hold’ whilst other layouts are concentrated on. This layout was inspired by images of the old Huntley and Palmers biscuit factory in Reading. A portable layout, which can be operated in DC or DCC it depicts part of the railway yard of another biscuit company ‘Dunkin & Dippin’ (Biscuits) Ltd. It has been designed to be operable in various configurations from 3ft to 7ft in length, uses servos for point opration and also uses a point as a traverse! It will include many industrial buildings and plenty of shunting, an additional 3ft board is also planned to increase the operational possibilities!

Dawn-Lee – N Gauge (Exhibition Layout) 

Another donation and forms a oval layout approximately 8ft-9ft in length and features a double track country station, with the addition of a storage yard to the rear. 

Brunel’s Quay Lostwithell – N Gauge (Under Construction) 

This layout is based on Lostwithell and features the station and waterways.

Alcester – OO Gauge (Under Construction) 

Depiction of Alcester station (Warwickshire) and branch.

Holywell – OO Gauge (Under Construction) Martin Morris

Built on two 4ft x 2ft baseboards, this layout is based the former station at Holywell (N.Wales) in the late forties to its closure in 1957. It depicts all the track, station building and surrounding embankments, along with the incline of 1 in 27 which was a feature of the original railway.

Under Construction: 

Other Layouts currently under construction, but as yet unnamed layouts are, a OO Gauge ‘user friendly’ inglenook layout, for members of the public to have a go at, which includes an auto shuttle on a higher level to give some added interest and a N Gauge shunting layout which again members of the public will be able to try. These layouts hopefully will show that you don’t need a lot of skill or space to produce a layout and hopefully will encourage modeler’s to try it out for themselves.  

Future Layouts:

Planned layouts by members for the future include, a Gn15 narrow gauge layout (G Scale running on OO Gauge track) and a USA HO switching layout.