Club Layouts

We currently have layouts at the Club in, N gauge, 0 gauge Dc/Dcc, 00 gauge Dc/Dcc and gauge Dc/Dcc and G scale, fixed and portable for exhibitions. All layouts have their own page, please use the ‘Layouts’ link in the menu.

Chippenham Junction – N Gauge (Exhibition Layout)

An N gauge layout, scenic boards total 20ft x 3ft plus a fiddle yard at each end. Based in the 40s/50s all the buildings are scratch built and are scale replicas of the buildings that were atill there during this period. The layout is DCC opperated with all points being operated by servos using Megapoint Controllers.

Cutlers Junction – 00 Gauge

The original Cutlers Junction has been re-moddled to become an extended scenic ‘test track’ for members to give their locos an extended run with long trains.

The Quarry – 00

Currently linked to Cutler’s Junction is “The Quarry” a 10.1/2ft by 5.1/2ft extension (a layout in its own right) which has been kindly donated by one of our members. Both Cutlers and the Quarry layouts can run separately or together in either DC or DCC.

Church Green East – 00

Another 00 gauge layout is ‘Church Green East’. A portable 7ft terminus layout with yard, kindly donated by the family of one of our former members. This layout is now undergoing some TLC to allow it to be exhibited is required.

The Cherry Tree Line – G

For those who like the larger scale there is also a G scale line which when completed will give a running length of over 130ft.

Bodmin Junction – N

Another N gauge layout (a small portable twin loop layout) ‘Bodmin’ is also under construction by members at the Club.


Members layouts under construction at the Club include 00 gauge ‘West Works’ (being built by Martin Morris). This layout was inspired by images of the old Huntley and Palmers biscuit factory in Reading. A portable layout, which can be operated in DC or DCC it depicts part of the railway yard of another biscuit company ‘Dunkin & Dippin’ (Biscuits) Ltd. It will include many industrial buildings and plenty of shunting! It has been designed to be operable in various configurations from 3ft to 7ft in length.

Other possible portable layouts in the future may include, an O gauge shunting layout, a Gn15 narrow gauge layout and a USA switching layout.