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Inspiration for this layout came from images found online of the factory railway sidings at Huntley & Palmers (Biscuits) Reading.





















Further investigation found details of the various buildings in North Works and South Works that occupied the site served by the railway. Although the biggest material brought to the factory was coal (there was an extensive coal yard to the north), many other types of materials were brought in such as sugar, flour, milk, molasses etc. for making the biscuits and cakes, timber and metal as it also had its own timber yard for the construction of boxes and packing cases etc. and a metal works for the biscuit and cake tins, there was also a large engineering works, labatories and barrel makers all accessed by the rail system. The works also had its own miniature railway system which allowed small trucks/carts to be pushed along tracks to various parts of the factory.





The Layout

West Works is an attempt to depict just part of the large factory complex of Dunkin & Dippin (Biscuits) Ltd in 00 gauge. Due to space restrictions at home the layout was designed to be built and operated in an area 4ft by 1ft with plenty of shunting potential and to include versions of the ‘inglenook’ or ‘tymesaver’ shunting puzzles. This would allow it to be set up reasonably easily on either a table, work surface or even an ironing board. The design also allowed for addition of ‘extension’ boards (each 2ft long) which can be added at one or both ends, when space allows, which would increase and vary the type of traffic going through the works.


Construction (brief)

The baseboards are laser cut by Tim Horn using 6mm plywood. Painted black with 5mm black Foamboard fixed to base and backscene. Track is Peco code 75 with Electrofrog pointwork and can be operated using either by DC or DCC. Point control is via a Megapoints Controller and micro servo’s.


Having had the baseboards for some time now thanks must be given to fellow members of the Stratford & District Model Railway Club for allowing me the space to build this layout, their encouragement in proceed with the layout and “oh by the way we’ve volunteered it to be shown at the next L&WMRS exhibition next March” (now l have to get on with it)!












WEST WORKS - 00 Gauge Industrial Layout



(initial mock up)